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2014 Scoring Program
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Scoring Program Instructions (updated 3/26/14)
Club List File (updated 3/26/14)

***Best practice is to register the software under the club or association name (or the  entity the program is purchased for).  If an issue arises with the computer the software is downloaded to, or a scorer is replaced and the program is on their computer, you would need to call in to customer service to get the new computer functional and the old one deactivated.***

Below you will find all of the forms necessary to run a competition from the local level to the national level.  If you have questions, please contact: 

Sue Johnson
National Scoring Chair
(310) 376-7315

Event Registration

Club Entry Form
Club Entry Form - Combination
Club Entry Sample
Instructions for Entry
Foreign Entry Form
Foreign Entry Form - Combination


Figure Scoresheet
Figure Data Collection Sheet
Figure Penalty Slip (US & FINA) (updated 1/21/14)
Figure Practice Judges Sheet
Figure Judges and Workers
Figure Pool Diagram (deep & sides)
Figure Pool Diagram (sides only)


Routine Data Collection Sheet
Routine Penalty Slip (updated 1/9/14)
Number of Routines in Each Event
Announce Scores Record Sheet
Routine Judges Seating (updated 11/1/12)
Routine Judges/Workers by Event
Scoresheet - Figures + 1 Routine
Scoresheet - Figures + 2 Routines
Scoresheet - Single Routine
Scoresheet - Technical + Free Routine
Combination Controller Sheet
Scoresheets (Multi Score) (new 11/1/12)

Timers Slips

General Timers Instructions
Walk on Time Recording Sheet
Timing Slips (updated 3/26/14)
Timing Slips- US Masters
Timing Slips- FINA Masters
Timing Instructions - US National and US Collegiate
Timing Instructions - INT, AG, JR, SR, Coll.
Timing Instructions - Masters

Judges Slips

Free Routine Judges Slips (updated 1/28/14)
Senior Technical Routine Judges Slips & Worksheets (3/4/14)


Judges Slips
Penalty Slips
Element Manual Sheet
Element Scoresheet


Form for Changes and Scratches
General Scoring Equipment List
Penalty Record Sheet

Judges Free Routine Worksheets
*Judges should be provided with blank paper for note taking

Judges/ Referees Forms for Technical  Routines
*Materials to be posted soon*

Collegiate Scoring Resources

General File Instructions
Overall Institution Awards
Collegiate Overall